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Our Products

  • Spot Welding machine
    spot welding machine
  • Projection Welding
    projection welding
  • Seam Welding machine
    seam welding machine
  • Tin Container Welding Machine
    tin container welding machine
  • Hot Staking Machine
    hot staking machine
  • Special Purpose
    special purpose welding machine

We are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of machines suitable for application in various industries. Our products comply with all the quality parameters laid down by national and international authorities. Our broad range of products is as follows:

Special Application Machines

  • DC Seam & Multi Spot Welding Machines Line For Radiator Fins
  • Wire Cage Multi Spot Welding Machines
  • Dual Head Seam Welding Machines
  • TV Tube Band Welding Machines
  • Microprocessor Control

Seam Welding Machines

  • Longitudinal Seam Welding Machines
  • Circumferential Seam Welding Machines
  • Circumferential Friction Roller Driven
  • Multi-arrangement Seam Welding Machines

Hot Staking, Crimping and Brazing Machines

  • Semi Auto Hot Staking Machines with servo indexing, duel head for fast production
  • Manually Operated Hot Staking Machines
  • Semi Auto Hot Crimping Machines
  • Hot Brazing Machines

Tin Can Welding Machines

  • Container Side Seam Welding Machines for tincan welding
  • Spot Welding Machines For Chapdi
  • Ear Lug Welding Machines
  • Handle Welding Machines

Manually Operated Machines

  • Hand Operated Guns
  • Table Mounted Spot Welding Machines
  • Rocker Arm Spot Welding Machines

Air Operated Bench Mounted-Press Type

  • Standard Models
  • Linear Fixtured Models
  • Rotary Fixtured Models

Air Operated Pedestals-Press Type

  • High Speed Spot Welding Machines
  • Spot Projection Welding Machines

Air Operated Integral Suspension Guns

  • "X" type Suspension Guns
  • "C" type Suspension Guns

Products Features

We take special care in the fabrication of our products. We use high grade raw materials to ensure immaculate products to our clients. Our range is widely appreciated due to following attributes:

  • Compact design
  • Sturdy built
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Durability
  • Performance.

Application Areas

Our products cater to the requirements by a number of manufacturers. We have the capacity to complete orders of the clients of any magnitude. Our range caters to the requirements of the following industries:

  • Transformer Radiators
  • Armatures and starters manufacturers
  • Home appliances mfg. such as mixers, washing machines
  • Kitchen baskets
  • Automobile parts
  • Drums and barrels
  • Tin containers
  • Electrical switch gear
  • Wire cages used in chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, cement plants.

Our Clients